Finally started!


Yesterday we finally started filming for my video-project! Since I never focused myself on filming too much it´s been kind of hard to get into it! Usually I just drive up to the park and start to ski like I want to do it and ski like I feel it the whole day! Yesterday we have been up in the park at around 8:30 then Manu the Filmer and my brother Fabio, which has already been his assistant for the last 10 days began to get all the camera stuff ready to go! 

I made a couple of runs meanwhile and then we finally started to press the "record" button! We kept on shooting the whole day till the park closed! It was definitely the most exhausting  day for me of this season so far, but I´ve to say when I saw the footage we got in the evening, then you know that it all paid of! Super stoked on the stuff we already got on film in one day and I´m so looking forward to the next two weeks filled with shooting! Love filming already and I´ll do my best to surprise you all with the final first webisode which will drop earliest mid of dezember or latest mid of january, depends on how the weather will be! 

Happy to have this crew up on the mountains with me, as my brother is the best you could ever ask for and Manu is one of the nicest guys out there and a long time friend, which my brother and myself met a couple of years ago, surely somewhere when we have been windsurfing! 


Spezial Thanks to Mini Austria for hooking us up with awesome cars, which makes it all way easier!



Some fun were had!

Drove to Innsbruck on saturday as the weather forecast looked great for sunday, which turned out to be totally correct! The weather was amazing and the Prime Park Session Park has been in top shape as always! So I´ve had an epic day hitting the big jump in that park and got to do some triples again! Did a couple of triple cork 1440 which is nothing new, but what I´m really happy about is that I went for the switch triple 1260 which has been in my mind for a long time already! On monday it also was supposed to be great, but the bad weather rolled in quickly as the wind picked up, but anyway it´s been great as Jon has been up on the glacier as well the first time after his knee injury! Great to have him back in the parks! 

Headed home on tuesday as there was no way to ski and the weather is still hanging in there, but I hope to get a few good days next week! Anyway I think I made the most out of this weather, as I´ve been windsurfing on the adriatic sea yesterday which was fun! 

Also got an Dew Tour Invite for Ski-Slopestyle, which is coming up in a couple of weeks in Breckenridge Colorado!


Days for the books!

Have had two amazing days skiing in Hintertux and on the Stubai Glacier, surrounded by epic mountains and perfekt weather! Went to Hintertux on tuesday which was already really hard to beat, but as soon as we arrived the Park up in Stubai, I knew, that this is going to be one hell of a day! Been hitting the jump line all day long and I´ve to say, that this is probably the best line I ever got the chance to hit! Especially the first jump is on point! Super stoked to be heading back there and having fun for the next couple of weeks! 

Here are two little videos from Hintertux and Stubai:



Unfortunately I haven´t gotten any pictures from skiing, but here are some images I made with my own camera! 


Storm riding!

Well, last week there was supposed to be a heavy storm up to 130km/h at the Lake Neusiedl, and as soon as I heard that, I packed up my windsurfing gear and drove over with a few friends! Luckily it turned out to be not that heavy as it was supposed to be, and we had two great days of full power wind! It made me really happy as I´ven´t been on the water for quite a while! 

Back in Hintertux for the week, looking forward to a few awesome days in the park!




Rolling in new Style!


My Mini Countryman got it´s new look for the winter earlier this week! Super stoked on how it turned out and I can´t wait to drive the 4WD threw hopefully good winter conditions! 

So happy to have Mini as my Car-partner and hyped on how this thing works as much as I know it till now!