Well, my first Freestyle.ch is history! Its been an awesome weekend in Zürich with lots of action and fun!

As I have not been there before I didn´t knew how its gonna be at all and I´ve to say it was way better than I expected it to be! For me a really cool part was that there´s all going on on the same area, so you can check everything out with no effort! 

Last fall I´ve been in Vienna at the City Big Air and I had a hard time as I haven´t got used to the jump at all. I thought that this is going to be pretty much the same, which turned out to be wrong! The jump was really good and fun to hit! Had a great time, but couldn´t land my tricks clean enough for a good result! Anyway I´m super happy that I´ve been there and got the chance to experience all that! Hope to see you next year as well Zürich! 

Made it back home yesterday and I´m already looking forward to be in the air again! Will rest up a bit now and next week its off to check out whats going on in Hintertux!





Have been Down Under my first time a couple of weeks ago and it was a good decision to go! 
The weather has been great nearly everyday and the skiing was amazing! The park at the Perisher resort is epic, including good jumps and fun rails!
Obviously I mostly hit the jumps as I´ven´t been in the air for way too long and it felt so good to be back! 
Beside that we went to check out Melbourne and Sydney the last 4 days of the trip which I really recommend when you are in Aussie anytime!
Here are some photos and a little clip from my skiing! 




More than proud to finally announce that Mini is a big new Sponsor of mine!
As I´ve always been a fan of their cars its kind of an honor for me to get to drive the Countryman for free and have them on my side as a partner! 
The car is amazing, obviously I just got it, but as much as I know till now its nothing but great and I hope to be with them for a long time!
Huge thanks to Mini Austria for hucking me up with that sweet ride!

Indo living!

Well, the trip to Bali has been one of the greatest experiences I´ve made so far in my life! 


It´s just an insanely inspiering place and I got to see so many things and animals I´ve never seen before! I´d recommend this to everyone, as it is so interesting how the people do live there, how the traffic goes and so on, you´ll always keep it remembered!


May it sounds a bit wierd this time of the year, but I´m no already so hyped to hit the snow again! Can´t wait to get out on the frozen water again! 




Here are some pics of my new life experience!