EXPOSED-Luca Tribondeau Trailer

More than stoked to finally show you guys the trailer for my webisodes which I do together with Enjoy the Soup this season! Can´t believe how epic this one turned out already and I´m really looking forward for the final release of the first webisode on DEC 22nd! Share it if you like it!



Dew Tour Breckenridge Colorado

Flew over to the States last friday with a great feeling and fully motivated for the Dew Tour! Turned out that I had a great training and got used to the course pretty soon! 

Got my run together and everything was super fun! Today it however completely didn´t went how I would have liked to have it, as I messed up both of my runs!
Anyway it´s been fun to be skiing and competing at the Dew Tour for my first time, as the park was really good and the weather did play with us as well! 
Will check out whats going on in Keystone for the next couple of days until its off to lovely Euroland and good/healthy food again! 


Exciting days were had!

Well, a few stressful, but very productive days were had last week! Straight after filming non-stop in Stubai with Manu we drove to the Dachstein for a commercial shoot for the "Steiermark"(which is a region in austria) especially for the Slopestyle World-Championships which will be in Kreischberg at the 15-22.January 2015! 

Afterwards we drove home to shoot close-ups for my first webisode, which will drop mid of dezember! On friday there has been a Press-conference for the World Champs, it was actually super nice and after hearing all the stuff I got really excited about everything and I´m super looking forward already!

Will stay at home till we drive down to Milan on wednesday/thursday to check out whats going on in the Colmar factory and on friday I´m off to the USA for the Dew Tour!

Definitely not the easiest to be on the road that much, but when its successful like last week its all worth it and I look back with a huge smile in my face!




Stubai, the place to be!

The Prime Park at the Stubai Glacier is definitely the best pre-season park I´ve ever seen! Been there for two full weeks of skiing and everyday we were up, the park has been in perfect conditions! Decided to do the total action part for my first Webisode there, which was a great plan considering they really took care of us and also we got the opportunity to do a sunrise shoot! Thanks for that one!!

Beside the filming stuff I feel pretty ready for the competition side of the season. Got some great training done, including a couple of new tricks and happy that I improved trick´s I already had in my repertoire, as I wanted to have the skiing at the best level I can on video! I kind of thought that its gonna be hard to collaborate filming with progressing the skiing on the other hand, but it turned out totally opposite! I think that I even improved more while filming than I would have if I just focused myself on progression! 

Spending a few days at home now, before I´ll go to check out whats going on in Milan at the Colmar factory and after that its off to the states for Dew Tour!



Finally started!


Yesterday we finally started filming for my video-project! Since I never focused myself on filming too much it´s been kind of hard to get into it! Usually I just drive up to the park and start to ski like I want to do it and ski like I feel it the whole day! Yesterday we have been up in the park at around 8:30 then Manu the Filmer and my brother Fabio, which has already been his assistant for the last 10 days began to get all the camera stuff ready to go! 

I made a couple of runs meanwhile and then we finally started to press the "record" button! We kept on shooting the whole day till the park closed! It was definitely the most exhausting  day for me of this season so far, but I´ve to say when I saw the footage we got in the evening, then you know that it all paid of! Super stoked on the stuff we already got on film in one day and I´m so looking forward to the next two weeks filled with shooting! Love filming already and I´ll do my best to surprise you all with the final first webisode which will drop earliest mid of dezember or latest mid of january, depends on how the weather will be! 

Happy to have this crew up on the mountains with me, as my brother is the best you could ever ask for and Manu is one of the nicest guys out there and a long time friend, which my brother and myself met a couple of years ago, surely somewhere when we have been windsurfing! 


Spezial Thanks to Mini Austria for hooking us up with awesome cars, which makes it all way easier!