Windsurfing // 3rd Episode

The last two weeks we definitely had some real fun, we went to the Windsurf Worldcup in Podersdorf at the Lake Neusiedl! It was so good to just hang out with a lot of good friends which I don´t get to see that often! 

There also has been three days with good wind as well and as I´m a real passionate windsurfer my plan was to film a few things for my 3rd Episode as well! Luckily Manu was there as well and we got some great shots!

I can´t wait for the Video to be online on may 15th!


Jon Olsson Invitational 2015

This years JOI did totally not go my way! Get ill one day before I flew up to Sweden and usually I´m a person that isn´t sick for longer than one or two days, so I decided to fly on tuesday in the hope to be good again on friday when the Quali goes down! 

Turned out that I puked in the flight and could not really leave the bed for 2 more days! Then there was the quail on friday and I had a super good training also with a lot of fun included, but then in the competition you always have to wait and wait till you drop in and that really roped all my energy and I could´t land any trick or even control them well! 

Unfortunately it is how it is sometimes and you have to deal with it, luckily I´m healthy again and can´t wait for summer now!



Nine Knights

Last week I´ve been in Livigno Italy for my first time ever at the Nine Knights! This event is definitely a very spezial one as everybody is just enjoying the skiing together after all the contests through the season! 

The whole castle which Nico Zaceck and his crew put together was just insane and it was fun all week long since there are so many different ways to hit it! 

Now I´m back home till I fly up to Sweden for the JOI on tuesday which is gonna be my last event from the Season! So looking forward to this one as its the last one which Jon will ever organize!



We´re sitting here in Jons Casa Camo in Marbella as the weather decided to turn into being super shitty for a while, but anyway its super fun as Jon bought a lot of stuff for his house and we had a good time building up everything the last few days! 

Hope the weather clears up soon that we can do what we are here for, hitting the jump up in Sierra Nevada!

By the way, my new Episode of my Video Project is online since a few days already, and if you haven´t seen it yet, better make sure to check it out here!


Park City // Las Vegas

Well, this time I´ll more or less let the pictures tell you guys the story by itself´s! Been in Park City for a FIS Slopestyle Worldcup, I had a good training and a cool part of it was that I got to do some switch dub misty 1440´s again, which I haven´t done in a while! Then on the Quali day the bad weather rolled in and it snowed a lot, which made that everybody had a hard time to get enough speed for the Jumps! I ended up having no speed for the up-box in my first run and in the second run I came 1m to short to land my sw dub misty 1440!

Anyway its been fun to check this resort out as well and then we decided to go check out Las Vegas since we had two more days over there! Its been fun and I really enjoyed to chill in the sun again!

Made it back to Europe 2 hours ago and now I´m super motivated to film a ton again!