„Unjudged“ – Luca Tribondeau

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As my whole family is very active and since skiing always has been a big part of their lives we (my brother and me) started skiing pretty early!

We loved it and went skiing every day it was possible and after a few years of just skiing around and learning it I decided that I wanted to race, since I have always been a very competitive person which needs and performs better under pressure.

I did that for a few years and I really enjoyed it, but when my brother started to ski off piste and built his own jumps I kind of felt like this is what I want to do as well! The real turning around for me was when he told me that he tried his first frontflip, then I decided, that I´ll no longer will ski threw gates! Haha

From then, time just flew by as we had huge amounts of fun all around the mountains and we also improved our skills pretty quickly! Almost learned a new trick everyday when we have been on the mountains!

A year later we started competing and as soon as I won my first contest I knew that this is the sport I would like to be successful at!

Pretty much spent all the seasons afterwards until last november with just traveling around and doing nothing than competing! After the Olympics, X-Games and the World Champs last year I have been very over it and almost lost the fun I had in skiing! Since I always did the same over and over again, besides that I have constantly been under pressure because I just had results in my head!

Over the years I spend, just competing I got to know the szene, the people around and everything wasn´t really like I thought it would be! There have been soo many bad things going on, not just with judgments, also other very strange stuff which should normally not be like that, in my mind!

Realizing that and starting to film for my Video-Project in the 2014/15 season, completely changed my thoughts, sights and goals in skiing! I finally found the fun, motivation and just the pleasure again which I had back when I started and this just made me think differently!

It somehow also turned out that „EXPOSED“ was probably the biggest success I had in skiing since people got a different version of LUCA to see and it was just crazy for me to see what you can reach when you put a lot of effort and all the energy you have into something and nobody judges or gives negative energy to you!

„UNJUDGED“ is a project of mine which has been in my head since a while already, but I unfortunately not had the time and the people around to start with it in the last years! The name already tells a lot and the reason why I did choose „UNJUDGED“ is because with this videos,…. and everything else I will put out under this name I want to show you the skiing which I enjoy, the skiing which puts a smile on my face, the skiing I grew up with, the skiing I fell in love with and just all the aspects why I love skiing so much!

I think the freeskiing world has to be more open minded to stay interesting and to still be as cool as I remember it from all the big names back in the days! The hate between different styles, teams and ways to dress etc… has no space in this small sport, it just will ruin itself and will more and more become uninteresting.

I know I can not change anything, but since last year I try to go my own way and to do things differently, as well as I try to ski how I really enjoy it and why I love it!

I will not try to change my skiing just that maybe the judges will give me more points, I will ski for myself and I´m very excited of the things to come and how far we can reach with „UNJUDGED“ !

Have fun skiing and enjoy it, because there´s no time to hate! 😉

Coming in November 2016



Getting ready to hit a natural corner! COLMAR OUTFIT / POC Sports / Douchebags


These are moments that are all worth the hike! 😉


I simply love my home mountain!




One of the best things ever, getting covered in white gold!


No words needed! 🙂


Sharing passion and having fun with friends is the real LIFE! COLMAR OUTFIT  / POC Sunglasses / Capo Headwear 


Building a kick ass jump in the mittle of nowwhere, thats whats all about!


Sending it way bigger than everybody expected! I was scared but as soon as I landed the trick I was STOKED!


Best car their is for a mountain-road through snow! The MINI Countryman CooperS All4


As deep as it can get! 😉 Blue Tomato / Black Crows Skis / Leki Poles / Tyrolia Bindings 


COLMAR OUTFIT / Leki Poles / POC Sports / Black Crows Skis / Tyrolia Bindings



OH yeah!!!


The moment when you realize that its fucking deep!!!


World Bread Day // Eat the Ball

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Well, since today is the „World Bread day“ I figured it would be cool, to write a little story about Eat The Ball!

Its a brand which produces deep frozen bread 100% out of natural ingredients, a special look and most importantly with some thoughts behind it!

The thought I like the most about this bread is, that there must be a way to not threw away endless amounts of bread on planet earth anymore in the future! They came up with a totally new strategy of making bread!

Eat the Ball you can thaw and freeze a few times and the quality as well as the taste stays same, which means that you do not have to threw away lots of bread in any kind of food place anymore! I know its a long way to go until the peolpe will start to think about things like this more and more, but at least this is a beginning and I feel good about representing this company because of some very cool and inspiering thoughts!

Check it out here: Eat the Ball




COLMAR Photoshoot -Courmayeur

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Last week I´ve been in Courmayeur on a photo shoot with COLMAR, since they decided to pick me for the outdoor clothes shooting as well! They always produce high quality and good looking clothes and so they did with the new Spring/Summer collection as well!

I´ll more or less let the pictures speak for themselves, since last week was a great one! Had lots of fun, been very productive and I think the photos and videos for the new collection turned out amazing!

Thanks COLMAR for being the best brand out there and I´m super happy that you involve me into so many things! 🙂 I appreciate it a lot and its unbelievable how much you guys take care of your athletes! 🙂

You can purchase all the COLMAR clothes here, except the new collection: COLMAR


New outdoor Jacket! 😉


Amazing landscape around Courmayeur!


Finally all over COLMAR! Thanks for the epic shoes!



Courmayeur, City


Shooting location!


Giulia posing for Alo! 😉



New outdoor outfit! 🙂


Black and white mirror!





Douchebags – Best bags ever made?

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Since the very first time I used a product from Douchebags I just fell in love with it! The way it looks, the way it works, the way the company presents itself is just something I really like and always when I receive a package from Db its spezial!

I almost use one of the bags everyday so I do kind of have a tight connection to the brand and I think every single product is as good as it gets!

It just makes traveling smoother, easier and a Douchebag will always look clean and has style, since it has a very clean and spezial look!

Do not know anything else to say other than I don´t see me traveling with any other bags in my life anymore! Thanks for the support guys and its so cool that you´r part of every little journey I do and for making my life on the road a lot easier!

Love the new „MIDNIGHT BLUE“ which is available NOW and just check out Douchebags for more infos!






With these buckles you can attach the bags to each others and it made my life on the road a lot easier a couple of times already! 🙂


Friendship is forever! Thanks Giacomo :-)

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I first came to Monza in Dez. 2012 to visit COLMAR when I was 16 years old! I don´t know the exact date anymore, but that day I got to know Giacomo! Since then I pretty much have been in contact with him every week!(some times even everyday)

Back then I did not know what a sponsorship exactely is, I just loved to ski and I had nothing else in my head than skiing, having fun and to just getting better and better! I have been young, I had a dream and I had goals, all of a sudden I somehow came to COLMAR through Jon Olsson who had a partnership with them aswell a few years ago! As you might know Jon was pretty much the guy who helped me and teached me how to do things and has been in my background for a few years!

I didn´t know what will expect me, how the collaboration will be and I have been nothing but excited, proud and happy to be able to represent such a cool and big company! I loved Italy ever since, as I grew up spending holidays on lake garda with my family every year, so I kind of had a connection with italy!

Somehow this partnership turned into something very special, I started to close COLMAR and the guys behind into my heart and I´m 100% sure I would never be where I am without having this amazing company behind me and helping me with everything!

Giacomo, I was a little boy, I had a dream and luckily I got to meet you and COLMAR in 2012! Thanks for teaching me so many things in life, thanks for always being there for me, doesn´t matter if it was a good result, competing in the Olympics or being injured, you have always been the guy who was there for me, who always cared about everything and who made my life great!

There´s two very special things about you! Since we started working together you always believed in me and I always felt that, you did care about everything I did and you quickly understood the freesking scene and the thing I love about you is that you understood me, you saw that I´m different, you saw that I tried my best but sometimes people decided to don´t like what I´m doing, but you and COLMAR have always been in my back and believed in me and everything you told me did work out! 🙂

Thank you Giacomo and COLMAR for accepting me into the family and making me to the person I am today! I can never thank you enough for all the things you gave me, but you know what, I think thats live and you are one of the few peoples who educated me and who made my life to how it is today!

Thanks for being a buddy and I hope you will have an epic future and you had a great last day working at COLMAR today!

Buddy, I think you know, but if not, you and COLMAR made my life to a really really cool one, you opend doors and you realized so many dreams! Thanks for everything I learned through you and everyday when I put on a piece of COLMAR I think about the factory visits and remember everything! I can´t tell you how much I appreciate all the things you made possible for me and I wish you the best of luck in your new job, luckily its just on the other side of the street so I know where I´ll have my second coffee next time I´ll go to milan!

THANKS! (EVERYBODY INVOLVED) You guys are the best!



Giacomo / Me / Pietro „Cipudazza“ Calloni


Douchebags 15L Base

dsc01033 dsc01031 dsc01075

Colmar Store Milan / This store is as beautiful as a store can get and if you are in Milan anytime, I just recommend to visit it! 🙂
dsc01072 dsc01071

New COLMAR collection! I loved every single new collection, but I have to say I´m speechless about the all new one! This is on another level!

dsc01069 dsc01068 dsc01067 dsc01064 dsc01058

Un cafe per favore! 😉

dsc01057 dsc01053 dsc01083

In LOVE with every single piece I got yesterday! 😉 COLMAR IS THE BEST! Italian Lifestyle!!!


dsc01100 dsc01098 dsc01097 dsc01096 dsc01095

When I saw the pictures from our trip to canada last winter, all the memories popped up and its just so amazing to think about the best ski trip I ever had!

dsc01093 dsc01092 dsc01091

MINI = daily company / Lifestyle / Mobility

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MINI is something very special for me, since Peter (the person who takes care of me and does everything pretty much from the MINI side) came up to me after the Olympics two years ago and asked me if I´d be interested in driving a MINI and starting a cooperation!

At this stage pretty much everything with my professional skiing career started and through MINI also my mobility was different and it felt like the door to life opened! I for example was able to go to Milan to visit Colmar(my clothing partner) without being afraid that maybe the car could break down at anytime or anything! (since I had a very old car before)

It just made so many things easier and I think without MINI and Peter I would never be where I am today! A MINI is not just a car for me, its my way of LIFE and part of my Lifestyle! 😉

Thank you so much Mini-Austria for having me on board and every day I see this epic whip I think about how lucky I am and how thankful I can be to have partners like you guys in my life!



The MINI Countryman All4




blog 1 mini DSC09226 IMG_2875 Mini 1

IMG_3651 IMG_5093 IMG_5144 IMG_5281 P1050541

DSC00260 DSC00276

Saas Fee – Summerskiing

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Skiing in August? Well I thought so same, and as I broke my clavicle the last time I have been in Saas Fee I didn´t have a good feeling about it!

Ass soon as the first day skiing was over I thought, well this was one of the funnest days in the park in a while and my motivation raised a lot!

Unfortunately the first week hasen´t been the best weather wise as it always was a little windy and cold so the snow was very hard or better said pretty ice and stayed like this the whole day unfortunately!

Anyway I had a goal for this trip and last week it was as good as it gets, warm weather, sunny and the park was perfect everyday! My plan was to finally learn a switch rightist double cork 1080 which was the only rotation way I wasn´t able to do right and struggled with for a few years! After a few jumps and hours on the small kickers I got a good feeling about it and thought its time to step it up and hit the big jumps switch right side! At first I was really scared and I looked like a beginner, haha! I somehow tried it that often since I really hated not knowing how to do it right and I really wanted to learn it finally! After a day and a half I thought well, I don´t care and I just went for the sw right dub 10 and as I landed it perfectly the first time I was very stoked!

After that I haven´t been too scared anymore and stepped back to the sw right cork 5 to learn the technique well, which helped me a lot and finally I´m proud to say that I pretty much have it on lock, even though its not yet looking how I want to have it, but I´ll get there!

Another cool thing about it was that I learned a trick I´d have never seen me doing, since it was so strange and I couldn´t even think about it since the rotation is so weird!

One day in the last few runs I told Luggi(our coach) I´ll do a Kangoroo Flip and asked him to film it, went way to far and had so much time in the air that I just had to overrotate to not crash out of control and threw this I got the feeling, „well if I land this it would be epic and I knew it was possible“!

The day after I somehow really landed a double flatspin 1260 and a double flatspin 1080 which I´m super happy about and I want to thank the Austrian Ski Federation for this trip, since we had the best time skiing!

Here´s the link to the Video of the new tricks: Video // SAAS FEE

DSC00642 DSC00647 DSC00656 DSC00667 DSC00682 DSC00696 DSC00712 DSC00716 DSC00720 DSC00725

Black Crows Skies / Tyrolia / Leki Poles / Mini /

DSC00728 DSC00731 DSC00741 DSC00816

POC / Eat the Ball 

When HOME becomes absolute PARADISE!

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Well, when I left home two weeks ago it already looked epic and you could see how beautiful our rebuilding will turn out, but this morning I was blown away as I saw everything!

This is as good as is gets, so stoked and thankful to live in such a wonderful place! 🙂

Thanks Karli for taking things as they have been and just showing that your a BOSS craftsman! Can´t believe that you pretty much planned and built this thing on your own with us Idiots helping you! hahah! Especially my brother who worked all day!

Thought this is more interesting than my Saas Fee skiing improvements, but they´ll be online tomorrow! 😉




Mini Countryman ALL4














Best day so far!

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Today has been the best day skiing since we are here! Went up with the gondola early in the morning and as it was full on blue skys and warm we kind of knew, that today is gonna be one epic day!

The last days have been a bit challenging for me, since I´m a really ambitious person and had a trick in mind which I was struggling for a few years already and my plan was to finally learn it here!

Today however I felt super good and confident, the snow and weather has been perfect and I finally did land and kind of got the trick which I had a hard time with on lock! I´m super happy about that and another cool thing about today was that I learned one more cool and kind of crazy trick I honestly would have never seen me doing!

Totally did not have this one on mind, but threw a mistake I kind of did the trick and afterwards I tried it and as it felt great and I almost landed it, I think this is the next think I´ll work on in the next days, weeks!

The weather is looking just epic the next two days so we will have an awesome time skiing!


Morning glory in the gondola! 😉


Davosa Titanium Automatic Watch / Colmar Jacket / POC Glasses


Almost went too big on that one with a cork 5 safety at the corner! 😉

Day Off – Icy day skiing!

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Yesterday we decided to do a day off from skiing, since the weather looked terrible, and it turned out it was! Our plan was to go for a hike and check out the area!

Went up with the gondola and after about 20min´s of walking it already started to rain! Anyway it was good to be out getting fresh air!

The nature around here is beautiful and a glacier is such a wild thing!

Today looked not so bad but as soon as we arrived at the top we saw that it was windy, cold and super ice! Stayed like this the whole day unfortunately so I skied for a few runs and enjoyed a coffee in the panorama restaurant afterwards, but the next week is looking promising so lets hope we will score some epic days! 🙂

DSC00554 DSC00558

Colmar Jacket

DSC00569 DSC00570 DSC00571 DSC00582

Colmar Jacket / Capo Headwear / Eat the Ball.


Colmar Jacket


Anhang 1 DSC00599

POC Glasses

DSC00607The view from my room!