Indo living!

Well, the trip to Bali has been one of the greatest experiences I´ve made so far in my life! 


It´s just an insanely inspiering place and I got to see so many things and animals I´ve never seen before! I´d recommend this to everyone, as it is so interesting how the people do live there, how the traffic goes and so on, you´ll always keep it remembered!


May it sounds a bit wierd this time of the year, but I´m no already so hyped to hit the snow again! Can´t wait to get out on the frozen water again! 




Here are some pics of my new life experience!




Good times!

Well, I´ve been pretty lazy concerning updating my blog, but on the other side I´ve been super active!


Been riding my bike a lot (nearly every second day) and did a lot of different workouts which makes me feel good! (Gym, Crossfit, etc.)

The foot feels up to normal and I´m stoked on how I´m back in the skiing game, anyways I do not think that I´ll hit the snow again soon as I´ll fly down to Bali/Indonasia for a little surf vacation before I´ll get back on the jumps with full power!


Have had a awesome time the last couple of weeks, including BBQ, Skiing, Wakeboarding, Wakesurfing, etc... and I´m already so excited to take off to Bali!

Can´t wait to learn surfing!!!



Happy on how things are working!

Last week was fun, I´ve been skiing on the Dachstein with some guys from the Blue Tomato Team cause we did a little edit of me skiing which will hopefully drop soon!

It definitely is nothing spezial but stay tuned for that!


Beside that I´ve been on my bike and in the gym a lot which makes my foot feel great!