We´re sitting here in Jons Casa Camo in Marbella as the weather decided to turn into being super shitty for a while, but anyway its super fun as Jon bought a lot of stuff for his house and we had a good time building up everything the last few days! 

Hope the weather clears up soon that we can do what we are here for, hitting the jump up in Sierra Nevada!

By the way, my new Episode of my Video Project is online since a few days already, and if you haven´t seen it yet, better make sure to check it out here!


Park City // Las Vegas

Well, this time I´ll more or less let the pictures tell you guys the story by itself´s! Been in Park City for a FIS Slopestyle Worldcup, I had a good training and a cool part of it was that I got to do some switch dub misty 1440´s again, which I haven´t done in a while! Then on the Quali day the bad weather rolled in and it snowed a lot, which made that everybody had a hard time to get enough speed for the Jumps! I ended up having no speed for the up-box in my first run and in the second run I came 1m to short to land my sw dub misty 1440!

Anyway its been fun to check this resort out as well and then we decided to go check out Las Vegas since we had two more days over there! Its been fun and I really enjoyed to chill in the sun again!

Made it back to Europe 2 hours ago and now I´m super motivated to film a ton again!




No single letter for a while!

Well, I´m sorry that I haven´t had the motivation to keep you guys postet on my website! Anyway I´ve been skiing a lot in Flachauwinkl Austria, which was as good as it gets! 

A good part of it was, that Jon Olsson and a few other friend have been up there as well and we have had an awesome time enjoying the warm weather which felt like its already spring! 

Improved my skiing by a bot and I´m super happy about that I got to shred some urban stuff, as its been way to long away since I didi that!

Right now I´m sitting in a Hotel room in Salt Lake City as we flew in yesterday night for the FIS Slopestyle World Cup which is coming up in a few days! The only super bad thing about that is, that the Airline had forgotten to take my bag with them! Hopefully it will arrive today! 




World Championships/Slopestyle

The World Champs didn´t really go my way, but anyway I think its been a success! Made it into finals as 3rd in my heat, which was already not how I wanted to have it! As I was in the second heat, we had the quail at around 3pm which kind of sucked to me! We had flat light and it was really hard for me to see the landings while doing a trick and then I decided to do a different run as I had planned! Anyway I was stoked that I made it threw without the triple 14! 

On wednesday it just not wanted to work out at all! I crashed my first run, then I parley could get my second run down and I got a score in the 70 which was kind of ok as I´ve been in the snow with my ass! haha

Ended up on 7th place, which would have been great two years back but now it surely sucks for me, as I was prepared really well for this one! Anyway its been awesome to see how stoked the Austrian people are about our sport and I got good coverage in the TV and Print-media! Its been something which I was happy about for sure and now I just need to ski better and better! Next important competition will be the Red Bull Playstreets for me which is coming up on the 14th of february! 



World Champs Kreischberg

The last couple of days have been fun but also intense! Made it to Kreischberg on thursday after two amazing days at the Absolut Park and till now I´m just surprised and stoked about how everything works here! The Slope Course is epic and I never thought that Austria is able to put something like this together! 

Training was actually really good for me and I pretty much did the run I´m planning to do in Qualis! Lets hope everything goes how I want to have it tomorrow!