Brazilian Holidays

Finally its time to say hello to my new homepage, where I will frequently upload new photos as well as tell you what I´m up to, what I have experienced, what will come etc…
Since my old website has been hacked and I wasn´t really happy with it anyway I figured the better solution would be to stay offline for a little more and come up with something completely new! 😉

As a good friend of mine, Max Brinnich works a lot with websites and always knows the new and good options he put this piece together and I have to say I´m pretty damn stoked about this one and from now on I will definitely care more about this new website!  😉
Right now we are in Jericoacoara which is near Fortaleza, Brazil on holidays! It is one of the best places you can travel to if you love windsurfing in strong wind and waves!

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