All new Black Crows „Captis“

Today it unfortunately has been windy up on the glacier and due to this we couldn´t hit the jumps as it stayed super ice, but we did found some super fun trannys to hit and the corner was epic as well!

Had the best time hitting the super soft quarters beside the jumps and I also learned a new trick! 😉

A very cool part about skiing for me right now is the new park ski from BlackCrows which is called „Captis“! I mean the „Venor“ which I skied last season was a great ski and I loved it as well, but I wouldn´t trade this one for any other skies there is, for the park! It is just a spezial one, and I think the reason for it is the way how it is shaped! It has a little rocker in the front as well as it is a little wider and gets stiffer and stiffer until the end, which is very cool because it forgives you a lot and just makes skiing so smooth and when its super slushy it just feels like surfing kind of! haha It is so cool to hit very slushy jumps and features with this ski, as everything feels so easy and smooth!

Another cool part of the ski is that you can also have lots of fun on normal slopes with it since you can perfectly do carving turns on it!

I´d recommend this ski to everyone which wants to have as much fun as possible in the park, piste as well as off piste! Stoked to have this epic whip under my feet!

This is one to charge hard with! 😉


Black Crows Skis


I also really like the design of it! Tyrolia Bindings Leki Poles

DSC00388 DSC00403

CAPO HeadweaColmar Jacket POC Glasses

DSC00415 DSC00423

Colmar Clothes / POC Helmet and Goggles /   Leki Poles


This shot is from the trick I learned today! A flat 5 in the quarter, such a fun one!


After ski training! We do it everyday and it feels so good to have your body fully under control! 🙂