Best day so far!

Today has been the best day skiing since we are here! Went up with the gondola early in the morning and as it was full on blue skys and warm we kind of knew, that today is gonna be one epic day!

The last days have been a bit challenging for me, since I´m a really ambitious person and had a trick in mind which I was struggling for a few years already and my plan was to finally learn it here!

Today however I felt super good and confident, the snow and weather has been perfect and I finally did land and kind of got the trick which I had a hard time with on lock! I´m super happy about that and another cool thing about today was that I learned one more cool and kind of crazy trick I honestly would have never seen me doing!

Totally did not have this one on mind, but threw a mistake I kind of did the trick and afterwards I tried it and as it felt great and I almost landed it, I think this is the next think I´ll work on in the next days, weeks!

The weather is looking just epic the next two days so we will have an awesome time skiing!


Morning glory in the gondola! 😉


Davosa Titanium Automatic Watch / Colmar Jacket / POC Glasses


Almost went too big on that one with a cork 5 safety at the corner! 😉