Saas Fee – Summerskiing


Skiing in August? Well I thought so same, and as I broke my clavicle the last time I have been in Saas Fee I didn´t have a good feeling about it!

Ass soon as the first day skiing was over I thought, well this was one of the funnest days in the park in a while and my motivation raised a lot!

Unfortunately the first week hasen´t been the best weather wise as it always was a little windy and cold so the snow was very hard or better said pretty ice and stayed like this the whole day unfortunately!

Anyway I had a goal for this trip and last week it was as good as it gets, warm weather, sunny and the park was perfect everyday! My plan was to finally learn a switch rightist double cork 1080 which was the only rotation way I wasn´t able to do right and struggled with for a few years! After a few jumps and hours on the small kickers I got a good feeling about it and thought its time to step it up and hit the big jumps switch right side! At first I was really scared and I looked like a beginner, haha! I somehow tried it that often since I really hated not knowing how to do it right and I really wanted to learn it finally! After a day and a half I thought well, I don´t care and I just went for the sw right dub 10 and as I landed it perfectly the first time I was very stoked!

After that I haven´t been too scared anymore and stepped back to the sw right cork 5 to learn the technique well, which helped me a lot and finally I´m proud to say that I pretty much have it on lock, even though its not yet looking how I want to have it, but I´ll get there!

Another cool thing about it was that I learned a trick I´d have never seen me doing, since it was so strange and I couldn´t even think about it since the rotation is so weird!

One day in the last few runs I told Luggi(our coach) I´ll do a Kangoroo Flip and asked him to film it, went way to far and had so much time in the air that I just had to overrotate to not crash out of control and threw this I got the feeling, „well if I land this it would be epic and I knew it was possible“!

The day after I somehow really landed a double flatspin 1260 and a double flatspin 1080 which I´m super happy about and I want to thank the Austrian Ski Federation for this trip, since we had the best time skiing!

Here´s the link to the Video of the new tricks: Video // SAAS FEE

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Black Crows Skies / Tyrolia / Leki Poles / Mini /

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POC / Eat the Ball