MINI = daily company / Lifestyle / Mobility

MINI is something very special for me, since Peter (the person who takes care of me and does everything pretty much from the MINI side) came up to me after the Olympics two years ago and asked me if I´d be interested in driving a MINI and starting a cooperation!

At this stage pretty much everything with my professional skiing career started and through MINI also my mobility was different and it felt like the door to life opened! I for example was able to go to Milan to visit Colmar(my clothing partner) without being afraid that maybe the car could break down at anytime or anything! (since I had a very old car before)

It just made so many things easier and I think without MINI and Peter I would never be where I am today! A MINI is not just a car for me, its my way of LIFE and part of my Lifestyle! 😉

Thank you so much Mini-Austria for having me on board and every day I see this epic whip I think about how lucky I am and how thankful I can be to have partners like you guys in my life!



The MINI Countryman All4




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