Friendship is forever! Thanks Giacomo :-)

I first came to Monza in Dez. 2012 to visit COLMAR when I was 16 years old! I don´t know the exact date anymore, but that day I got to know Giacomo! Since then I pretty much have been in contact with him every week!(some times even everyday)

Back then I did not know what a sponsorship exactely is, I just loved to ski and I had nothing else in my head than skiing, having fun and to just getting better and better! I have been young, I had a dream and I had goals, all of a sudden I somehow came to COLMAR through Jon Olsson who had a partnership with them aswell a few years ago! As you might know Jon was pretty much the guy who helped me and teached me how to do things and has been in my background for a few years!

I didn´t know what will expect me, how the collaboration will be and I have been nothing but excited, proud and happy to be able to represent such a cool and big company! I loved Italy ever since, as I grew up spending holidays on lake garda with my family every year, so I kind of had a connection with italy!

Somehow this partnership turned into something very special, I started to close COLMAR and the guys behind into my heart and I´m 100% sure I would never be where I am without having this amazing company behind me and helping me with everything!

Giacomo, I was a little boy, I had a dream and luckily I got to meet you and COLMAR in 2012! Thanks for teaching me so many things in life, thanks for always being there for me, doesn´t matter if it was a good result, competing in the Olympics or being injured, you have always been the guy who was there for me, who always cared about everything and who made my life great!

There´s two very special things about you! Since we started working together you always believed in me and I always felt that, you did care about everything I did and you quickly understood the freesking scene and the thing I love about you is that you understood me, you saw that I´m different, you saw that I tried my best but sometimes people decided to don´t like what I´m doing, but you and COLMAR have always been in my back and believed in me and everything you told me did work out! 🙂

Thank you Giacomo and COLMAR for accepting me into the family and making me to the person I am today! I can never thank you enough for all the things you gave me, but you know what, I think thats live and you are one of the few peoples who educated me and who made my life to how it is today!

Thanks for being a buddy and I hope you will have an epic future and you had a great last day working at COLMAR today!

Buddy, I think you know, but if not, you and COLMAR made my life to a really really cool one, you opend doors and you realized so many dreams! Thanks for everything I learned through you and everyday when I put on a piece of COLMAR I think about the factory visits and remember everything! I can´t tell you how much I appreciate all the things you made possible for me and I wish you the best of luck in your new job, luckily its just on the other side of the street so I know where I´ll have my second coffee next time I´ll go to milan!

THANKS! (EVERYBODY INVOLVED) You guys are the best!



Giacomo / Me / Pietro „Cipudazza“ Calloni


Douchebags 15L Base

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Colmar Store Milan / This store is as beautiful as a store can get and if you are in Milan anytime, I just recommend to visit it! 🙂
dsc01072 dsc01071

New COLMAR collection! I loved every single new collection, but I have to say I´m speechless about the all new one! This is on another level!

dsc01069 dsc01068 dsc01067 dsc01064 dsc01058

Un cafe per favore! 😉

dsc01057 dsc01053 dsc01083

In LOVE with every single piece I got yesterday! 😉 COLMAR IS THE BEST! Italian Lifestyle!!!


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When I saw the pictures from our trip to canada last winter, all the memories popped up and its just so amazing to think about the best ski trip I ever had!

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