Douchebags – Best bags ever made?

Since the very first time I used a product from Douchebags I just fell in love with it! The way it looks, the way it works, the way the company presents itself is just something I really like and always when I receive a package from Db its spezial!

I almost use one of the bags everyday so I do kind of have a tight connection to the brand and I think every single product is as good as it gets!

It just makes traveling smoother, easier and a Douchebag will always look clean and has style, since it has a very clean and spezial look!

Do not know anything else to say other than I don´t see me traveling with any other bags in my life anymore! Thanks for the support guys and its so cool that you´r part of every little journey I do and for making my life on the road a lot easier!

Love the new „MIDNIGHT BLUE“ which is available NOW and just check out Douchebags for more infos!






With these buckles you can attach the bags to each others and it made my life on the road a lot easier a couple of times already! 🙂