World Bread Day // Eat the Ball


Well, since today is the „World Bread day“ I figured it would be cool, to write a little story about Eat The Ball!

Its a brand which produces deep frozen bread 100% out of natural ingredients, a special look and most importantly with some thoughts behind it!

The thought I like the most about this bread is, that there must be a way to not threw away endless amounts of bread on planet earth anymore in the future! They came up with a totally new strategy of making bread!

Eat the Ball you can thaw and freeze a few times and the quality as well as the taste stays same, which means that you do not have to threw away lots of bread in any kind of food place anymore! I know its a long way to go until the peolpe will start to think about things like this more and more, but at least this is a beginning and I feel good about representing this company because of some very cool and inspiering thoughts!

Check it out here: Eat the Ball