„Unjudged“ – Luca Tribondeau

As my whole family is very active and since skiing always has been a big part of their lives we (my brother and me) started skiing pretty early!

We loved it and went skiing every day it was possible and after a few years of just skiing around and learning it I decided that I wanted to race, since I have always been a very competitive person which needs and performs better under pressure.

I did that for a few years and I really enjoyed it, but when my brother started to ski off piste and built his own jumps I kind of felt like this is what I want to do as well! The real turning around for me was when he told me that he tried his first frontflip, then I decided, that I´ll no longer will ski threw gates! Haha

From then, time just flew by as we had huge amounts of fun all around the mountains and we also improved our skills pretty quickly! Almost learned a new trick everyday when we have been on the mountains!

A year later we started competing and as soon as I won my first contest I knew that this is the sport I would like to be successful at!

Pretty much spent all the seasons afterwards until last november with just traveling around and doing nothing than competing! After the Olympics, X-Games and the World Champs last year I have been very over it and almost lost the fun I had in skiing! Since I always did the same over and over again, besides that I have constantly been under pressure because I just had results in my head!

Over the years I spend, just competing I got to know the szene, the people around and everything wasn´t really like I thought it would be! There have been soo many bad things going on, not just with judgments, also other very strange stuff which should normally not be like that, in my mind!

Realizing that and starting to film for my Video-Project in the 2014/15 season, completely changed my thoughts, sights and goals in skiing! I finally found the fun, motivation and just the pleasure again which I had back when I started and this just made me think differently!

It somehow also turned out that „EXPOSED“ was probably the biggest success I had in skiing since people got a different version of LUCA to see and it was just crazy for me to see what you can reach when you put a lot of effort and all the energy you have into something and nobody judges or gives negative energy to you!

„UNJUDGED“ is a project of mine which has been in my head since a while already, but I unfortunately not had the time and the people around to start with it in the last years! The name already tells a lot and the reason why I did choose „UNJUDGED“ is because with this videos,…. and everything else I will put out under this name I want to show you the skiing which I enjoy, the skiing which puts a smile on my face, the skiing I grew up with, the skiing I fell in love with and just all the aspects why I love skiing so much!

I think the freeskiing world has to be more open minded to stay interesting and to still be as cool as I remember it from all the big names back in the days! The hate between different styles, teams and ways to dress etc… has no space in this small sport, it just will ruin itself and will more and more become uninteresting.

I know I can not change anything, but since last year I try to go my own way and to do things differently, as well as I try to ski how I really enjoy it and why I love it!

I will not try to change my skiing just that maybe the judges will give me more points, I will ski for myself and I´m very excited of the things to come and how far we can reach with „UNJUDGED“ !

Have fun skiing and enjoy it, because there´s no time to hate! 😉

Coming in November 2016



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Building a kick ass jump in the mittle of nowwhere, thats whats all about!


Sending it way bigger than everybody expected! I was scared but as soon as I landed the trick I was STOKED!


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COLMAR OUTFIT / Leki Poles / POC Sports / Black Crows Skis / Tyrolia Bindings



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