Unfortunately I had to take the HELI down the mountain yesterday!


Drove over to Innsbruck for the sports/health test with the ski federation on thursday and afterwards we had training on the schedule!

Turned out that we had an epic day skiing up on the hintertux glacier on friday and it felt amazing to be back on skis! Got to hit some jumps and also did some doubles already!

Saturday the weather was supposed to be supergood again, but unluckily it was foggy all day which made us hit the rails for a few hours!

Kind of the same happened yesterday except, that we pushed each other on the rails and tried a lot of tricks and unfortunately I cut my edge on a downrail and fell straight onto my head without control! The bad thing about it was, that it was really icy and it kind of knocked me out!

I hit my left side of the behind head really hard and somehow I couldn´t really feel my left hand good anymore, which scared the shit out of me!

Went straight down to the middle gondola station where they have a few doctors which told us that its better to take the heli to the hospital in Innsbruck to check everything, to be 100% sure everything is in the right place!

Luckily it turned out to be allright except that I have a headache as well as I am super confused!

Here are some photos from the first day and I´ll be back in a few days! My girlfriend Martina will pick me up today and I´ll take a few days off!










Thanks for saving me buddy!!!! POC Sports