Saas Fee – Summerskiing

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Skiing in August? Well I thought so same, and as I broke my clavicle the last time I have been in Saas Fee I didn´t have a good feeling about it!

Ass soon as the first day skiing was over I thought, well this was one of the funnest days in the park in a while and my motivation raised a lot!

Unfortunately the first week hasen´t been the best weather wise as it always was a little windy and cold so the snow was very hard or better said pretty ice and stayed like this the whole day unfortunately!

Anyway I had a goal for this trip and last week it was as good as it gets, warm weather, sunny and the park was perfect everyday! My plan was to finally learn a switch rightist double cork 1080 which was the only rotation way I wasn´t able to do right and struggled with for a few years! After a few jumps and hours on the small kickers I got a good feeling about it and thought its time to step it up and hit the big jumps switch right side! At first I was really scared and I looked like a beginner, haha! I somehow tried it that often since I really hated not knowing how to do it right and I really wanted to learn it finally! After a day and a half I thought well, I don´t care and I just went for the sw right dub 10 and as I landed it perfectly the first time I was very stoked!

After that I haven´t been too scared anymore and stepped back to the sw right cork 5 to learn the technique well, which helped me a lot and finally I´m proud to say that I pretty much have it on lock, even though its not yet looking how I want to have it, but I´ll get there!

Another cool thing about it was that I learned a trick I´d have never seen me doing, since it was so strange and I couldn´t even think about it since the rotation is so weird!

One day in the last few runs I told Luggi(our coach) I´ll do a Kangoroo Flip and asked him to film it, went way to far and had so much time in the air that I just had to overrotate to not crash out of control and threw this I got the feeling, „well if I land this it would be epic and I knew it was possible“!

The day after I somehow really landed a double flatspin 1260 and a double flatspin 1080 which I´m super happy about and I want to thank the Austrian Ski Federation for this trip, since we had the best time skiing!

Here´s the link to the Video of the new tricks: Video // SAAS FEE

DSC00642 DSC00647 DSC00656 DSC00667 DSC00682 DSC00696 DSC00712 DSC00716 DSC00720 DSC00725

Black Crows Skies / Tyrolia / Leki Poles / Mini /

DSC00728 DSC00731 DSC00741 DSC00816

POC / Eat the Ball 

When HOME becomes absolute PARADISE!

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Well, when I left home two weeks ago it already looked epic and you could see how beautiful our rebuilding will turn out, but this morning I was blown away as I saw everything!

This is as good as is gets, so stoked and thankful to live in such a wonderful place! 🙂

Thanks Karli for taking things as they have been and just showing that your a BOSS craftsman! Can´t believe that you pretty much planned and built this thing on your own with us Idiots helping you! hahah! Especially my brother who worked all day!

Thought this is more interesting than my Saas Fee skiing improvements, but they´ll be online tomorrow! 😉




Mini Countryman ALL4














Best day so far!

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Today has been the best day skiing since we are here! Went up with the gondola early in the morning and as it was full on blue skys and warm we kind of knew, that today is gonna be one epic day!

The last days have been a bit challenging for me, since I´m a really ambitious person and had a trick in mind which I was struggling for a few years already and my plan was to finally learn it here!

Today however I felt super good and confident, the snow and weather has been perfect and I finally did land and kind of got the trick which I had a hard time with on lock! I´m super happy about that and another cool thing about today was that I learned one more cool and kind of crazy trick I honestly would have never seen me doing!

Totally did not have this one on mind, but threw a mistake I kind of did the trick and afterwards I tried it and as it felt great and I almost landed it, I think this is the next think I´ll work on in the next days, weeks!

The weather is looking just epic the next two days so we will have an awesome time skiing!


Morning glory in the gondola! 😉


Davosa Titanium Automatic Watch / Colmar Jacket / POC Glasses


Almost went too big on that one with a cork 5 safety at the corner! 😉

Day Off – Icy day skiing!

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Yesterday we decided to do a day off from skiing, since the weather looked terrible, and it turned out it was! Our plan was to go for a hike and check out the area!

Went up with the gondola and after about 20min´s of walking it already started to rain! Anyway it was good to be out getting fresh air!

The nature around here is beautiful and a glacier is such a wild thing!

Today looked not so bad but as soon as we arrived at the top we saw that it was windy, cold and super ice! Stayed like this the whole day unfortunately so I skied for a few runs and enjoyed a coffee in the panorama restaurant afterwards, but the next week is looking promising so lets hope we will score some epic days! 🙂

DSC00554 DSC00558

Colmar Jacket

DSC00569 DSC00570 DSC00571 DSC00582

Colmar Jacket / Capo Headwear / Eat the Ball.


Colmar Jacket


Anhang 1 DSC00599

POC Glasses

DSC00607The view from my room!

All new Black Crows „Captis“

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Today it unfortunately has been windy up on the glacier and due to this we couldn´t hit the jumps as it stayed super ice, but we did found some super fun trannys to hit and the corner was epic as well!

Had the best time hitting the super soft quarters beside the jumps and I also learned a new trick! 😉

A very cool part about skiing for me right now is the new park ski from BlackCrows which is called „Captis“! I mean the „Venor“ which I skied last season was a great ski and I loved it as well, but I wouldn´t trade this one for any other skies there is, for the park! It is just a spezial one, and I think the reason for it is the way how it is shaped! It has a little rocker in the front as well as it is a little wider and gets stiffer and stiffer until the end, which is very cool because it forgives you a lot and just makes skiing so smooth and when its super slushy it just feels like surfing kind of! haha It is so cool to hit very slushy jumps and features with this ski, as everything feels so easy and smooth!

Another cool part of the ski is that you can also have lots of fun on normal slopes with it since you can perfectly do carving turns on it!

I´d recommend this ski to everyone which wants to have as much fun as possible in the park, piste as well as off piste! Stoked to have this epic whip under my feet!

This is one to charge hard with! 😉


Black Crows Skis


I also really like the design of it! Tyrolia Bindings Leki Poles

DSC00388 DSC00403

CAPO HeadweaColmar Jacket POC Glasses

DSC00415 DSC00423

Colmar Clothes / POC Helmet and Goggles /   Leki Poles


This shot is from the trick I learned today! A flat 5 in the quarter, such a fun one!


After ski training! We do it everyday and it feels so good to have your body fully under control! 🙂

From the beach to the snow!

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Last tuesday I left Jericoacoara, Brasil after three epic weeks of holidays and windsurfing! Exactly a week later today I have been skiing in Saas Fee! It somehow felt a little wierd in the morning, but as soon as I started to hit the jumps I found the rhythm and had a good time!

Will stay here for the next 10 days with the Austrian Ski Federation! I´m sure its gonna be good times, I just hope that the weather plays with us so that we can ski a lot! 🙂



Saas Fee is a beautiful, little town!


It felt so good to be back in the air!


Unfortunately this picture got captured right after I let go the grab, but I love the clouds in it so I don´ t care! DSC00303

My set-up!


Glaciers are beautiful!


Me on top of the snowpark in Saas Fee!


Sometimes waking up super early pays off!



Love taking pictures of this beauty! Favorite car for sure!


Jeri 2016

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-07 um 00.40.25

cheese roll Photo by CCFilms

Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-07 um 00.45.45

Table Top photo by CCFilms

My favorite picture from our vacation in Brazil! Martina is the best thing what could ever happen to me in my life! I LOVE THIS GIRL SO MUCH! 

Brazilian Holidays

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Finally its time to say hello to my new homepage, where I will frequently upload new photos as well as tell you what I´m up to, what I have experienced, what will come etc…
Since my old website has been hacked and I wasn´t really happy with it anyway I figured the better solution would be to stay offline for a little more and come up with something completely new! 😉

As a good friend of mine, Max Brinnich works a lot with websites and always knows the new and good options he put this piece together and I have to say I´m pretty damn stoked about this one and from now on I will definitely care more about this new website!  😉
Right now we are in Jericoacoara which is near Fortaleza, Brazil on holidays! It is one of the best places you can travel to if you love windsurfing in strong wind and waves!

L1030182 IMG_6391 IMG_6385 IMG_1697 IMG_1659 IMG_1655 IMG_1645 IMG_1637 DSC00155 C0187777