My favorite brand ever! Best people to work with and the clothes which they produce are amazing! Couldn't imagine anything better and I want to thank COLMAR(everybody involved) for the incredible support over the past 5 years!

Eat the Ball

Best bread on planet earth! Super happy that I was lucky enough to join the family one and a half year ago! Such a cool company with a great group of people behind and the product is outstanding!


Meanwhile my favorite car company out there! Do not see myself owning a different car than a MINI Countryman All4 in the future! This thing works epic!


Have always been a huge fan of the POC products, but it took a while until they accepted me and decided to take me on board! The result is that they are as nice as people can be and I´m proud to be wearing and protecting myself with POC products! Best style in the game!


Everybody loughs about my small ski-poles, but actually they are a super important thing, because there´s no way I´d feel comfortable on my skies without them!


In my mind they produced the best action cam which exists and I can´t wait what the future holds for this epic little thing and the company behind! Easy to handle, outstanding quality and endless options!


Since I ve been loving hats and want them look 100% like I want to have them, it sometimes can be very difficult to find any! Suddenly CAPO came up and asked if we could team up, then I checked the products and knew that this is gonna happen! 😉

Absolut Park

Been skiing in Flachauwinkl since the very beginning and always loved it there! Stoked to be representing my favorite resort and snowpark on earth!

Black Crows

Can´t thank Black Crows enough for taking me on board last autumn and I can´t believe I´m lucky enough to call myself a Black Crows ambassador! The skies are fantastic, pretty sure the best and most stabil skies I ever used! Stoked to finally have a ski-partner which I can trust 100%!


Trusting this Bindings since day one

Blue Tomato

Best action-sports shop in Europe and I´m happy to ve been in the Team already for 6 years!


Thank you Davosa for helping me never being late anymore!
Just loving these beauties. Making my life on the road a lot easier as well!